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Stop #1: Welcome Aboard!!

Maximize Your Chances at Success and Click the Play button to watch this Welcome video from Coach Al!

Top Take-Aways from the Video

#1 Congratulations on choosing ALLTRAIN instead of one of the multitudes of arbitrary fitness programs on the market. We're glad to have you on board!

#2 Fight the urge to complement or replace our strategic, safe, and sustainable BLOCK Base Training program with excessive fitness alternatives.

#3 Here's a list of equipment we strongly suggest you acquire and have on hand before your fitness app arrives in your inbox soon:

Bands of varying resistance:.

a 1/4 inch band (like the orange one)

a 1/2 inch band (like the red one)

a 5/8 - 3/4 inch band (like the dark green one)

light- and medium-resistance mini-bands (like the yellow and lime green ones)

Med Balls of varying weights

Hint: Start with low weights

(4lbs - 8lbs)

then you can build to higher weights later on.

You can also use old soccer or basketballs (if you need something lighter.)

Myofascial Equipment

Such as a foam roller(s), a roller stick, and even a lacrosse ball (for those who dig pain.)

Myofascial work can help significantly with flexibility and mobility, as well as recovery and restoration.

(You'll thank us for this!)

All this equipment can be purchased inexpensively at Walmart, Target, online etc., or even second-hand on eBay. Use this week to find the best deals on equipment purchases and to designate a spot in your home that you can dedicate to training. And also consider a yoga or workout mat for the floor work.

#4 Join the Private Facebook Group (OPTIONAL)! While this step is completely optional, the private, moderated Facebook group will be a source of support and sharing as you continue along your journey!!

Keep an eye out for an invitation to join the Facebook Group.

Again, we welcome you aboard! Please look for another "Whistle Stop" in your inbox soon with details about our training program and its delivery app: TrueCoach.

Yours in Wellness,



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