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Our BLOCK Training Programs provides a detailed schedule of strategic, safe, and sustainable training throughout the year. 

GREEN single block with dumbbell block o

(Your BASE and Your BUCKET LIST) 


Deep at the core of our training program is the concept of building your "BASE," where you'll be equipped to compete in the Sport of Everyday Life with high levels of confidence and competence.

By adhering to our BLOCK BASE programming, you'll be able to build a body that can function year-round at approximately 70-80% of your maximum capacity in areas of performance such as:

  • mobility

  • strength

  • power

  • flexibility

  • aerobic and anaerobic functioning


We call ALLTRAIN "Training for Life" for a good reason. Operating at 70 to 80% max capacity will prepare you to navigate the various terrains of everyday life--for your entire life--with resiliency and a highly-reduced risk of injury.

In other words, with a solid BASE, you 30-, 40-, and 50-somethings will be able to perform and stay active doing things like:


  • playing ball with your kids

  • hiking, biking, other recreational sports

  • yard work, shoveling snow

  • games of tag with your grandkids

...all without the worry of injury and with the added bonus of looking and feeling your best.  

A second reason we call it "Training for Life" is because our 30-, 40-, and 50-somethings who follow the program will build and maintain their BASE well into their 60's and 70's without much if any decline. 



If you do choose to shoot for a more personalized fitness or performance goal (i.e., your Bucket List), you'll be all set. Once your BASE is built, you are well-prepared to handle the more specific training required, without the huge and highly-predictable injuries. 


  • Want to knock off a 10K run? 

  • Want to bench your bodyweight? 

  • Want to hit ten strict pull-ups?

  • Want to dunk a basketball again?  

  • Want to be able to do cartwheels, handstands, or summersaults with your kids?


Have at it (within reason of course)! Just as your BLOCK BASE training, the BLOCK BUCKET LIST training you will provide a strategic, safe, and sustainable program, being sure to keep the reigns pulled back to reduce the risk of injury.


ALLTRAIN is NOT for those who want to get huge, jacked-up bodies that are ready for a bodybuilding show or even a streamed down fitness pageant. Or for the folks who are looking to go year-round setting personal records in their deadlift, squat, clean, or their best times in a competitive group environment. ALLTRAIN is also not for those who want to exhaust the hamster-wheel treadmills and ellipticals of the big-box fitness centers.  


We get that we're not for everyone.  We've come to peace with this fact..and quite frankly, we recognize many don't want to know what they don’t know...

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