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PLAIN™ Nutrition is a very simple yet very challenging approach to food. The PLAIN Nutrition system, in its stripped-down version, consists of consuming natural foods that are nutrient-rich, unadulterated, and fortunately, quite often low in cost. We believe knowledge is the foundation of food control and, as a result, PLAIN Nutrition takes a sincere, honest, and at times a painful approach to education.



Gaining control of your approach to food (and essentially to life), is the bridge to improved body composition (less fat, more lean muscle), performance, health, and ultimately, happiness. And let's be brutally straight forward, food is just an SOB.  It's a formidable opponent that is whooping our rears.  We have the most sophisticated trade system ever known to man that provides access to nutrient-rich foods from around the globe.  Yet so many of us carry around an excessive and, in many cases, an exorbitant amount of fat on our bodies.


We know hearing this is difficult, but sugar coating it (pun intended) has done little to nothing in changing our culture.  The topic of fat is a controversial one and its relationship to food is evident.


How difficult is it to gain control of our food intake?  Almost everyone struggles! Personal Trainers struggle (yes Personal Trainers), Sport Coaches struggle, Doctors struggle, Nutritionists struggle, Life Coaches struggle, Attorneys struggle, Police Officers struggle, Stay at Home Moms and Dads struggle, Teachers struggle, Nurses struggle, Business Owners struggle.  Essentially, there are very few who do not struggle.


So, what’s the problem? 


We believe there are many compounding issues at play here, but below we'll touch upon a few of the more prominent:


First, and probably the most compelling, is once we've tasted succulent, salty, and sweet (i.e., fat, sodium, and sugar), it's hard to turn from them.  This starts as early as infancy, where a baby is content with her mother’s milk or formula, and not before long begins to dabble in pureed fruits and vegetables without much of an argument.  But then as she grows and gets a teeny bit older, the parents think it's a cute idea to let the baby try the “finer” things in life, such as crackers, cookies, pastries, puffs, and more.  Suddenly, the baby no longer is easily willing to consume the pureed veggies and fruits, and begins a pattern of crying and wailing, until the parent submits with the "good stuff".  While this example may seem extreme at first thought, we need to truly contemplate the ramifications. 


Second, there is also a glaring loss of fabric in our daily lives and "being".   Many of us live and breathe our lives through others, whether it be the television, professional, and collegiate sporting events, concerts, and trolling others on social media.  All the while so frequently stuffing our bellies while others perform as we live life as hefty spectators.


Third, the majority of us are so far removed from nature that we have no concept of producing our own food, or where food actually comes from for that matter.  Much of today's society is completely dependent on the grocery stores with the boxed and bagged processed foods that fill the aisles.  Furthermore, much of our food comes from a vending machine, a drive-through, or delivered to our doorstep.


Fourth, we have joined the rat race for the quest of material wealth, much at the cost of our physical health.  We push the clock at all ends, with countless emails and deadlines, having very little time to consume a healthy breakfast or dinner with our families, and lunch is simply a blur.  Our houses have gotten bigger (higher mortgages) and our cars more expensive (higher car payments), which means we have to work more to keep up with the material.  In turn, this means more stress, less family time, more poor food, and ultimately poor health.


Fifth, rather than face the facts and accept blame for so many of our selfish and spoiled actions, we disguise the real culprit and turn to numerous half-hearted attempts at change.  We'll take a stab at gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, low carb, high protein, organic, free-range, grass-fed, non-GMO, fasting, detox, dairy-free, grain-free, etc., etc. while being sure to adulterate each of these approaches to the point of sabotage. 


Then what's the answer?  


First, grab a copy of Tough Love Letters and adopt the many lessons found within.


Tough Love Letters
Life Changing Secrets for the Fat, Unfit, Unhealthy, and Unhappy.


Albert Eiler, 2019

Available on Amazon

Second, consider spending less time as a spectator and more time being a participant in life.  Make strategic training a part of your life at ALLTRAIN, and incorporate an active lifestyle of hiking, trekking, and recreational sports (within reason of course).  In addition, consider finding a cause where your time and resources can help those in need.


Third, carve out a spot for a vegetable garden and produce some of your own food.  This doesn't have to be acres upon acres of farmland.  Start small, and if space is an issue, a few small raised beds or hanging planters will do just fine.


Fourth, consider taking a few days off the grid to help gain a grip on just how much material acquisition is truly necessary.  Escape to an isolated retreat and leave technology behind.  Take the time to read a few of those books that are piling up, and also journal what is truly important, material, or health.


Fifth, stop chasing witchcraft potions or quick-fix promises.  Consume what can be fished, grown and butchered, unadulterated, day in and day out.  Lean bodies do not happen by accident.


Respect yourself, Respect the environment, Respect your fellow man

PLAIN Nutrition, plain and simple…

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