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Founder, ALLTRAIN 

Albert Eiler is a tough-love truth teller who guides those seeking a leaner, healthier, higher-performing, and happier life by tapping into his experience as an entrepreneur, fitness and performance trainer, nutrition realist, author, gentleman farmer, youth sports coach, husband, and father to two lovely and lively daughters.
He has spent over 25 years in the fitness and wellness industry and has observed first-hand much deceit (i.e., the quick-fix, fountain-of-youth marketing ploys of many supplement distributors, equipment manufacturers, and fitness franchises), desperation (i.e., folks taking foolhardy and risky measures), and disillusion (i.e., many engaging in irrational, ill-fated health experiments.)



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In 1997, at age 27, Eiler opened his own performance, fitness, and nutrition training center, a 9000-square-foot facility where he and his group of coaches trained recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, working professionals, and cool stay-at-home moms and dads. Eight years later he established ChangeRx, a nationally reaching corporate wellness company deeply rooted in education.
In 2017, he founded ALLTRAIN and PLAIN—brands that have enabled him to deliver his core principles of training and nutrition to a much broader audience. And in 2019 he launched, his truth-filled platform for righting "wrongs" when it comes to Fitness and Food.

Early on in his career, he chose to stray from the norm of so many health clubs, high-intensity class-based gyms, corporate wellness firms, coaches, and self-proclaimed fitness gurus who offered quick or dicey fixes to the vulnerable masses. His commitment to coaching and educating his clients in strategic, safe, and sustainable training and nutrition continues to this day. Eiler practices what he preaches. As he navigates his mid-life years, he implements his training plans to stay strong and supple while avoiding injury, produces much of his own food through fishing, farming, and foraging (well, except for pizza-and-ice-cream Sundays with his family), and has kept his business aspirations in check to spend more time with his three “gals.”



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