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Please complete this anonymous survey by the end of Memorial Day Weekend (May 31). 


We are asking these questions so that we can improve our delivery, and also share with others solutions to problems that many may be having...the more we can learn from our challengers through surveys, the FaceBook group, notifications, messaging, and workout submission, the better we can serve the AHS group.


OPTIONAL: You are welcome to include your name in the last answer box and we'll never disclose your identity (unless of course you're a superstar that wants fame!)

On average, how many times per week do you complete the daily workout delievered to your inbox?
Are the daily reminders of a missed workout a motivating factor?
Are you aware of the Notifications and Messaging Features in the app?
Have you considered joining the AHS CHC Facebook Group?
Where are you performing most of your training?
Are you making progress?

Thanks for submitting! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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