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The Basis of "BASE"

At ALLTRAIN, we realize we tug a little on the heart strings, and at times approach some taboo topics. So simply stated (but clearly not underestimated), much of the masses in today's society are unfit, unhealthy, over weight, and quite honestly, are very unhappy.  And unfortunately to counter this, often after years of gluttony and sedentary lifestyles, so many are taking irrational steps in attempts to rectify these situations...and just as unfortunate, there are countless self proclaimed experts trolling the air waves, as well as the brick and mortar fitness and holistic health centers, looking to prey upon their vulnerability.  The masses are duped into believing infomercials touting young, perfect bodies, the extreme boot camp style routines, unsubstantiated diets, competitive based group training, and so on will magically transform their bodies.

Or sometimes worse, after sitting on their "rears for years" (note the rhythm and the rhyme), the deconditioned masses decide to defiantly rise from their couches and compete in some intense, mud filled, extreme obstacle course, or commit to run a marathon or compete in another ultra endurance event, or join a high intensity, action packed group model...And so often what accompanies these decisions are long term chronic injuries, for they went in pursuit of these endeavors without a well built foundation.

ALLTRAIN on the contrary, is built with a team of rational thinkers, and we recognize the natural circle of life.  We fully embrace that as working professionals and cool stay at home moms and dads, we are no longer spry spring chickens!  So many moms have had their bodies literally beat up with the birth of children, and their lives as they once knew it have been turned upside down with raising these kids, balancing careers, sleep deprivation, and other stressors. And essentially their own health has taken a back seat.  And dads have put their health on hold too, as families, careers, mortgages, car payments and tuitions suddenly become the priority. But this by no means is a death sentence to a de-conditioned life of despair.

With ALLTRAIN, you'll take a strategic, safe and sustainable approach to your training, where you will build a solid and secure BASE (that's right, "it's all abut that Base Base Base (you gotta be feeling the pop vibe we bring to the table).  But all joking aside, by adhering to the ALLTRAIN BASE program, you'll virtually be siting year round at 70-80 percent of your max ability in numerous areas of performance, with high levels of mobility, strength, power, function, aerobic and anaerobic qualities to name a few. And sitting at this 70-80 percent capacity is nothing to shake a stick at, as your confidence, your health and your cognitive function will be through the roof   And if this level satisfies you, fantastic, the BASE program will prepare you for the many terrains of life, for life.

However if you do choose to shoot for a more personal fitness goal or bucket list once your BASE is built, you are now well prepared to handle the more specific training that will be required, without the huge and highly predictable injuries.  You want to knock of a 10k run? You wan to bench your bodyweight? Ten strict pullups? Or maybe you were a collegiate athlete years ago and you want to dunk a basketball again.  Heck, maybe you want to be able to do cartwheels, handstands or summersaults with your kids...have at it!  But you'll do so with intelligent design, and the reigns pulled back.  Look, the reasonings for these goals vary, with some of them challenging father time and the general status quo of aging, and other goals based on maybe you as a mom or dad simply wanting to have your little kids view you as superwoman or superman as long as they are willing to buy into it.  But one thing is clear, if your BASE has been built and you're adhering to intelligent programming, you'll be able to attack these goals (within reason and one at a time...note: "We can only have on master") throughout life with very low risk of injury or set back.

Disclosure: We are not for those who want to get huge, jacked up bodies that are ready for a body building show or even a streamed down fitness pageant.  Or for the folks who are looking to go year round setting personal records in their deadlift, squat, clean or their best times in a competitive group environment. ALLTRAIN is also not for those who want to exhaust the hamster wheel treads and ellipticals of the big box fitness centers.  We get that we're not for everyone....We've come to peace with this fact...and quite frankly, we recognize many don't want to know what they don’t know...

ALLTRAIN is for those who truly "get it".  We're for the working professionals and cool stay at home moms and dads who want to get their groove back, and keep it!!!   The moms and dads that understand their naturally occurring resilient teens and twenties are behind them, and they recognize a strategic, safe and sustainable BASE training program will help them fire on 70-80% of all cylinders year round.  And if they then want to knock a few things off their bucket list, then so be it, but again they will do so with intelligent programming in place.  These 30,40 and 50 somethings want to build and maintian ther BASE well into their 60's and 70's without much, if any declive. 

In addition, ALLTRAIN is for those moms' and dads' young athletes, who also need to build a BASE.  Whether these young athletes are recreational or competitive sport athletes, it is a reality that they are exposed to massive amounts of conflicting and sometimes dangerous information right at their fingertips.  Your young athletes will be in trusted hands, training dynamically and learning life long lessons along the way.




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