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CONGRATULATIONS!  Your company is providing you with a wellness program that includes three components:

24/7 Unlimited Access to ALLTRAIN Online via the True Coach app

ALLTRAIN Online is a physical training program with daily instruction delivered right to your inbox.  With access to the ALLTRAIN app from virtually any device, you'll get high-quality videos that demonstrate warm-ups, strength movements, and cool downs.

CHC news

Wellness Education via our "Whistle Stop"
Blog Posts

These informational posts may include video pep talks, video meal planning, wellness education lessons, recipes, budget-friendly grocery shopping ideas, and more that will guide and inspire you on your wellness journey.

CHC support

Support via the Facebook
(log into your personal Facebook account for access)

Access to the AHS CHC 2021 private, moderated Facebook Group where you can share your victories, your questions, and your challenges with your fellow challengers.

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