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Stop #10 Challenge Your Body “Weight” with Chains, Bands, and Vests!!!

While following the ALLTRAIN App, you’ll no doubt see a note throughout your programming that reads, “Add band, chains, or a vest if appropriate.” We include this note on many standard “bodyweight movements,” which are strength training exercises that use the weight of your body for resistance. Bodyweight movements include:

  • Push-ups

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Pull-ups

Why add a band, chains, or a weighted vest to your arsenal?

Oftentimes, particularly when training at home, you may not have access to kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. But as you progress through our BLOCK Training program and your physical performance improves, bodyweight alone sometimes is simply not enough resistance. This is where thinking outside the traditional training equipment box comes in handy!

One very effective and economic option (in addition to resistance bands), and one very unorthodox option as well, is adding chains as a mode of resistance. Chains are very inexpensive, readily available, come in different lengths and thicknesses (and therefore different weights), and are actually quite fun to use (if you like a little "tough guy/gal" feel).

In addition, not shown in these photos or the attached video link, an adjustable weighted vest is also a great option to add resistance to your movements.

Of course, with any of these options, it is important to recognize whether it is appropriate to add external resistance to your movements. If you are struggling to perform all the reps and sets of a particular movement with bodyweight alone, it would be inappropriate to add external resistance. Remember, Strategic, Safe, and Sustainable Training at ALLTRAIN.

In the video, Coach Al demonstrates various bodyweight movements with the addition of a simple resistance band, which you should already have as part of your at-home training arsenal. He also uses chains, which may look intimidating and perhaps seem too much of an expenditure. Not so. As mentioned, chains of varying sizes can be easily purchased at a hardware or big-box home store.

Yours in Wellness



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