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Stop #8 Meal Planning and Prep...a Crucial Step

Each Thursday and Sunday, your ALLTRAIN training app suggests that you “Live Recreationally, Restore, and Meal Prep!” Why? Because at ALLTRAIN, we believe that these measures are essential elements in helping you become leaner, healthier, and higher-performing.

Living Recreationally” (e.g., tossing a baseball with your kids, hiking park trails, strolling your neighborhood, gardening, etc.) and “Restoration” (e.g., getting a good night’s sleep, 10-minutes of meditation, a nap, massage, etc.) are important and will likely be the focus of future Whistle Stops. But today, let’s drill down deeper on “Meal Planning and Preparation.” Spending an hour or so a couple times per week to shop for (or grab from a garden) and prepare nutrient rich foods has proven to help so many of our clients stay on track for the entire week of healthy eating.

TIP: Our most innovative “meal preppers” tell us they prepare extra lean proteins, vegetables, and complex carbs, and then use glass or plastic storage containers to create quick grab-and-go lunches for the whole family for the days ahead.

Below are some of ALLTRAIN’s favorite picks (and some preparation tips). Of course, these foods are just examples: you can swap out proteins (particularly if you are pescatarian or a vegetarian), vegetables, complex carbs, fruits, and fats, all based on your family’s size, calorie needs, food preferences, and dietary restrictions as well as more seasonal, budget friendly alternatives (we never tire of disproving the myth that eating healthy costs more).

Shop for and prepare:

  • Chicken Breasts, 5 lb. economy bag – grill 4-5 pieces in advance

  • Eggs, 18 pack– hard boil (and dye year round, it’s fun)

  • Edamame, large bag of frozen and shelled - boil 1-2 cups in advance

  • Carrots, 3 lb. bag of whole carrots – cut into snack-size pieces

  • Celery, whole stock – cut into snack-size pieces

  • Raisins, Peanuts, Coconut shavings, Pistachio - mix together for large container of trail mix

  • Quinoa, economy size bag – cook 1-2 cups in advance

  • Rice (brown, basmati, jasmine, etc), economy size bag - cook 1-2 cups of each in advance

  • Avocado – be sure to buy them in season and in bulk, but beware they have a bit of a shorter shelf life

In addition to the above items, consider shopping for and/or having the following nutrient rich, more cost effective (again we’re always considering budgets), and longer shelf life foods on hand:


  • Frozen Cod and Salmon Filets

  • Frozen Shrimp

  • Flank Steak (freeze a couple if you find them at a great price)

  • Canned Tuna (great option when you find your fridge and freezer are empty)

  • Cottage Cheese

  • Greek Yogurt, plain and low fat

  • Tofu, (a block or two preserve well in the fridge)


  • Spinach or Mixed Leaf Greens, bulk

  • Butternut or Spaghetti Squash

  • Red Cabbage

  • Broccoli

  • Cauliflower

  • Onions

  • Bell Peppers

  • Frozen Vegetable Medley


  • Apples, 3lb bag

  • Oranges, 3lb bag

  • Frozen Berry Medley

  • Lemons & Limes

Complex Carbs

  • Potatoes, 5lb bag

  • Sweet Potatoes, 5lb bag (light and dark flesh varieties)

  • Oats, 2lb plus bag

  • Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans), 1 lb. bag

  • Black beans, 1 lb. bag

  • Whole Wheat Flour (make your own bread and save, save, save!!!)


  • Nuts, such as Macadamia, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts

  • Olive Oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Butter

Herbs, Spices, Dressings

  • Vinegar, balsamic and red wine

  • Mustard, brown and yellow

  • Seasonings, such as black pepper, cajun, and rubs for chicken, steak and seafood

  • Salts, such as Himalayan, sea, garlic and table


  • Low Fat Milk

  • Plain Low Fat Yogurt

  • Almond Milk

Like this List? Download and Print it!

Click the link below for a downloadable version that you can print, put on your refrigerator, or take with you to the market.

Download PDF • 205KB

Yours in Wellness,



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