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Stop #5: Your Questions Answered

Thank You to all of you who have reached out to us via the TrueCoach "messenger" with questions.

For those who are not aware of the message feature, the icon resembles a single "chat bubble" or two chat bubbles (depending whether you're using the mobile or desktop versions).

While we'll do our best to answer questions one-on-one via the app, it also makes sense to share some questions and answers with the group...if one person has a question, most likely others have the same question. So here are some of the recent ones we've received via the messenger:

1) How do I use bands in my home if the exercise require that they be tied off to something?

Be creative! And consider moving your workout or parts of your workout outdoors...maybe to a park! Here are some photos sent to us from clients who used doors, furniture, fence posts, and more for band movements. Loop in a nylon belt or add a simple, inexpensive carabiner for even more options as shown in the photos.

2) What's my goal for this program?

Good question! And that answer is up to you! ALLTRAIN's programming is "Training for Life." But you decide what you want your life to feel and look like.

  • Do you want to move better, be stronger, be more flexible to take on the sport of everyday life (aka: play with your kids or grandkids, excel at your favorite recreational sport, tackle yard work or gardening...all without the fear of injury)?

  • Do you want to look and feel leaner? Will dropping those extra pounds of body fat make you feel happier about your appearance? Do you want to slim down to fit into your favorite pair of jeans?

  • Do you want to tone your arms and legs...especially as the warmer weather and summer clothes are calling us?

  • How about a sense of accomplishment and self-accountability that taking on a new challenge brings with it?

Sticking to ALLTRAIN's strategic, safe, and sustainable DAILY programming provides the foundation to help you meet your goals.

3) Where are the meal plans?

The ALLTRAIN app via TrueCoach provides your daily performance training workouts. Since the training program itself has a steep learning curve, we didn't want to bombard you with numerous lifestyle changes all at once. But stay tuned via future Whistle Stops where we'll offer recipes, meal prep ideas, shopping strategies and more.

4) I'm not able to find the warm up exercises, where are they?

The warm up exercises are listed at the very top of the page on your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts. The corresponding demonstration videos are provided just below the list as shown here as blue links.

Have more questions? We encourage you to use the messenger icon to reach out!


ATTENTION: We've noticed a few of you have not yet ACCEPTED YOUR INVITATION from TrueCoach to start you online training program!

If this is the case, please check your email inbox for your invitation (like the one below) and get started -- Don't miss out!

Please reach out if you have questions at


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While this group is completely optional, our Facebook group will be a source of support and sharing as you continue along your journey!!

Yours in Wellness,



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