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Stop #7: We've Started a New BLOCK, Kids!

Photo by Larry Busacca; Wire Image

Do you get our reference to a certain 1990's boy band? Despite that bad (dad) joke, we are serious about our training approach: strategic, safe, and sustainable training for life, where strength, power, mobility, flexibility, and conditioning are a must.

And as always with our programming, we have included movement variations that are sure to challenge you throughout the whole BLOCK. With this new BASE training program (regardless of which program level you are on across the board) there are some key exercises/movement areas to quickly review.

Movement Spotlight

Warmup: You'll see that this is a ground based mobility/activation series, and mostly in the "quadruped" position (in other words, you'll be on your hands and knees). We urge you not to skip this beneficial series as the low back, chest, shoulder, hips and calves will appreciate the wakeup call. The video shows Coach Mike performing the Quadruped Cat/Cow warmup movement.

Mini Band, Lateral Walk/Squat: This seemingly minor movement packs a power punch to the "glute" area (i.e., the booty, the buns, etc.) by turning on your hip abductors big time. Don't let the mini band fool you...perform this movement with purpose and you'll feel its benefits...and be careful putting the mini band on and removing it to avoid snapping the band with the edge of your sneakers... these little guys will crush your hips, but they're also sensitive. ;)

Band Pull Apart, 4-Way: This strength band movement is meant to help strengthen the upper and mid back region as well as stabilize the rear shoulders. So many of live in a world in front of a computer screen or the steering wheel, and in the process the front of our upper body's are becoming shorter and tighter, and our upper back muscles are becoming longer and weaker (imagine hunched or slummed). So while many of us want to get to the meat and potatoes were all so familiar with, like the pushups, presses, etc., we absolutely must give attention to that posterior area...and don't be surprised if you feel quite the burn and pump from this unassuming movement.

Cooldown: This approximately 8-minute flow combines standing, seated, and prone (i.e., face down) movements that will enhance your flexibility and help improve recovery from your challenging session. Again, we urge you not to bypass this part of the training, as it could be argued for many that improved flexibility is the most pivotal area in need. The video shows Coach Al performing the Standing Straddle Fold, Lateral cooldown movement.


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